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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully. It is assumed that consumers have read and understood the terms and conditions before making a purchase, whether via our online ecommerce or our retail store.


Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if a product is faulty or not fit for purpose the remedies would be the same as those for new goods, however if a consumer simply changed their mind, this would depend upon the returns policy (assuming that the sale was not made via distance means).

The limitations of these remedies will depend to a certain degree upon the original condition of the item when purchased by the consumer and the price paid – it is fair to say that the consumer should reasonably have lower expectations as a result of this. However to simply chalk up an item as “sold as seen” would not be sufficient, placing too much on the consumer as to the condition of the items and to identify any faults which may be present. A consumer will have no rights to anything which is pointed out to them prior to sale, but would be able to bring a claim in respect of anything which arose subsequently.

A further consideration for retailers here is the existence, or otherwise of a manufacturer’s guarantee. Retailers have raised a commercial concern that when they sell an ex-display model they are often doing so without the backing of a manufacturer’s guarantee. 



"We/ Us" - Goods 2 Go Manchester ltd. and the staff involved.
"You" - The consumer who is actively using the Goods 2 Go website whether for viewing or shopping purposes/ The consumer who visits the Goods 2 Go store.


Goods 2 Go Manchester ltd. sell white goods items and appliances that are: ex - display/ unwanted returns/ clearance/ and discontinued products unless stated otherwise.

Electronics sold by Goods 2 Go Manchester ltd. are graded products unless stated otherwise. Graded" electronics are items that High Street retailers can't sell on for various reasons. This may be because they are surplus stock, end of line/discontinued models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with damaged packaging.

All electronics undergo a comprehensive quality control process by our engineers. In the majority of cases the item will be supplied with its original packaging and will be "as new" - the items we sell are not used. 


Goods 2 Go also sell brand new & unused items of which will be identified as such. It is assumed that the consumer has read product descriptions carefully which will contain information pertaining to the condition of the item.

The consumer at point of purchase when online (and in store), may request photographs of the condition of the item that they are purchasing (given that the item is not brand new). A confirmation prompt of understanding the Terms and Conditions will be provided to the customer at the point of sale on our online store. Whilst in store, customers may completely inspect the item that they wish to purchase.


Store Guarantee & Manufacturer’s Warranty: 


Goods 2 Go offers a 3 month store guarantee on items considered as “ex display” and electronics. Products will be appropriately identified as such.

Goods 2 Go cannot guarantee that the manufacturer’s warranty on an item will still be valid by the time of sale. The consumer, upon making payment has thereby acknowledged that Goods 2 Go will not guarantee that the manufacturer’s warranty is valid for the product. Thus, any requests to return an item will only be accepted in line with the store’s return policy. 



Delivery Service


  • Upon purchasing the item (in-store purchase only) for delivery you may request a morning or afternoon slot. The 2 hour delivery window will be confirmed via email on the morning of delivery. If no email has been provided, confirmation of the 2 hours slot will not be provided.
    • The delivery team will call the number provided when they are outside of the specified address and will wait for no longer than 30 minutes. If there is no response after 30 minutes, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery appointment. To reschedule, a delivery fee of £30 will apply.

 Delivery fees are non refundable or negotiable once the date of delivery has arrived.

“Something has come up and I’m not going to be home, I need to reschedule!”

  • If a delivery appointment has to be rescheduled, you must contact our store before close of practice (17:30) the day before your appointment otherwise we reserve the right to charge a cancellation of delivery fee of £30. 
  • To amend a delivery slot, get in contact with us here

(exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration and Goods 2 Go Manchester ltd. management will apply their own discretion).



Product Suitability

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the dimensions of entrances to the specified property are appropriate for the item bought. If an item is unwanted due to inappropriate dimensions (too big, too small etc) and you want our delivery team to take the item back and receive a full refund, there is a £30 cancellation and removal fee (this is due to logistical and administrative costs).
  • For further information with regards to returns, please refer to our Returns Policy


Stairs & Accessibility:

  • If you have flights of stairs you must declare this at the point of sale and detail how many flights of stairs the item must be carried. If no stairs are declared at point of sale, the delivery team reserves the right to refuse delivery and/or leave the products outside of the specified address.
    • A re-scheduled delivery due to a refused delivery is subject to a failed delivery fee of £30.
    • If you have been subjected to a failed delivery, there is the option to collect the item for free from the main store (43 Warrington Street).



  • Goods 2 Go currently do not offer installation of: Electrical Cookers, Gas Cookers, Integrated Ovens or American Fridges which require plumbing. 
    • We can provide contact details of third party registered electricians and gas engineers if required, please ask the store assistant for details.
  • The Goods 2 Go delivery team will install washing machines (if required) which is included with the delivery fee.



Pickup & Disposal


Instore Offer Only: Goods 2 Go will pay YOU, £20 to collect your old appliance, providing that the purchase was made instore and that a member of the team was appropriately informed that a Pickup & Disposal is required.

At the point of sale in-store (providing that a Pickup & Disposal is required) the £20 discount will be applied to the total cost of the order.


With regards to returns requests, Any returns request must be in line with our Returns PolicyIf the return is accepted, the consumer will be refunded the amount of the order minus the £20 discount. Any consumer who would at this point request their old appliance back, would have to arrange a collection from the Goods 2 Go store and by beginning the returns process here.


For Online Orders: Goods 2 Go will collect your old appliance FREE of charge if the following conditions are met.

Upon placing the order and receiving a confirmation email of the order, the consumer must advise us that a Pickup & Disposal is required by contacting us here.

If we do not receive contact regarding this 24 hours after the order is placed, the team reserve the right to refuse the Pickup & Disposal.


To raise any queries or concerns, please get in contact with us here.

Goods 2 Go Manchester ltd.
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